Actavis Malta

Actavis Commitment

Actavis endeavours to be an attractive employer in all markets where we conduct our business operations. The quality and professionalism of our employees are fundamental to our success. We provide training to ensure that employees are given every opportunity to perform to the best of their abilities and the Group prides itself on providing excellent opportunities for those who wish to expand and develop their careers.

Actavis regards providing a non-discriminatory work environment as a responsibility to be taken seriously.

Actavis is dedicated to maintaining high standards of health and safety. High safety standards are required at all the Group’s manufacturing sites and business units.

Actavis maintains a continuous and open dialogue with various interest groups: we are committed to investing in and working with the communities in which we operate, including universities, research groups, non-profit and political organisations, customers, suppliers, public authorities and representatives of the financial community.

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